Nov 4, 2011


Actually I thought of completing this book in the written format and publish some 3 years back. But in spite of all my (so called sincere) efforts I was able to complete only 40% of this book till date, hence I thought of taking the E-route. For suddenly it came to my mind that all the excuses I could put forward for not completing this book is more because of my laziness, than the hectic work schedules and other things.

Because somebody had said that "if you seriously believe in something nothing could stop you doing it"

Some may start thinking who am I and what am I going to write and in what authority am I writing this subject.

The answer is very simple.
  • I am just one like you the ordinary common fellow citizen
  • I am just going to write about the history of this country - THE HISTORY OF TODAY
  • I don't claim any authority in this subject I am just a guy who do Advertising & Marketing for a living.
So don't expect any scholarly interpretations in my work, its simply the views of a layman.

I am writing this e-book (BLOG) in English for the benefit of the larger Pan-Indian audience.

This book is not intended in creating any big revolution, it's intended to only explore the aspects that were responsible for things to go wrong in our today's history the like - How, Why, When, What, Who, & Which.